Announcing: The Variant Edition Location

If you read this week’s newsletter, you already have a good idea of where we’re going to be located. That said, we figured it would be a good idea to do up a proper post at our site, so that we can go into more detail.


That “For Lease” sign? That’s us. Or that will be us. The papers have been signed, money has been exchanged, and The Trials have been completed. Soon, we’ll be open at Suite 102 – 10441 123rd Street in Edmonton’s beautiful Oliver district.

The decision to set down roots here was a fairly easy one. While there are several prime locations for a new comic store in Edmonton, there was something about the Oliver district that spoke to us.

Oliver melds with our outlook. It’s a very community minded area that is extremely supportive of small businesses. It’s also one of the most artistically-minded sections of the city, with tons of art galleries and small little community libraries scattered about. We know that we can be a vibrant part of this community, and genuinely look forward to working with those around us to help build something wonderful.

As for now, we’re remodelling the space and getting our fixtures made. Once we have a solid timeline locked down, we’ll be announcing our soft launch date, which will see our doors open, and the full version of this site arrive in full force. And after that? Well, after that, things will get really interesting…

Stay tuned for more!

The Return of Jem and the Holograms

Well, this is just outrageous. Now, if only I could figure out the level to which I am feeling outraged.

Jem and the Holograms have returned, and this time they’re taking over the world of comics! We were lucky enough to nab a preview of the first issue (out this Wednesday at fine stores everywhere), but before we tell you about that, I have a confession to make. Are you sitting down? I hope you’re sitting down.

I have yet to see a full episode of Jem and the Holograms.

I know, I know, you’re thinking to yourself, “That is outrageous! If only I had a way to quantify this level of outrage!” And yes, truly, I have failed in some manner. Beyond having vague memories of being terrified of the show when I was a kid (it was something about the crazy hair that spooked me), I should have fixed this as an adult when the show arrived on Netflix. I didn’t, and here we are.

So. Jem and the Holograms. The first issue of this series reads remarkably well for someone who is fairly unfamiliar with the franchise – which is a very good thing. I’ve read a lot of comics that focus on looking backwards instead of pushing forwards, and the results always seem regressive. Nostalgia is great, but there’s quite a big difference between looking at what’s gone by with reverence, and attempting to duplicate a specific time and place when both have changed quite drastically. Kelly Thompson and Sophia Campbell take the Jem concept and (at least from what I can tell), take the core and rework some of the circumstances to be a reflection of here and now. The result is something I can still identify as that show that freaked me out as a kid, and as something that speaks to a new generation of fans – including myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to jump on Netflix and watch a few episodes. If you have any episode recommendations, make with the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter. I’ll come back here on Thursday and talk about my experience. I have a feeling it will be… outstanding.

Incoming // New Releases for March 25th, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone. This week is going to be filled with some pretty cool Variant Edition news, but before we get to that, we’ve got the usual business to attend to. For instance, do you want to know what’s going to be on the shelves this week? Of course you do. We give you the usual rundown of all the books, as well as some light commentary on some notable releases.

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Incoming // Comics Shipping on March 18th, 2015

Good morning, my melodious internet malcontents. It’s another week, and another something. I dunno. I’m trying this thing where I get up at 4am with the cats and start writing because… well, I’m my own boss, and who is going to come after me if I need a, uh… “cat” nap in the middle of the afternoon? No one, that’s who. Where was I? Oh yes.

Another week means another list of comics hitting the stands this Wednesday. Take a look at the list below and drink in the light commentary. Drink it with tiny sips, for reasons. Drink it for justice.

4am is a helluvva drug, you guys.

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Low Signal (or) The Full Site Is Impending

The full version of the Variant Edition website will be up very soon, but as an unintended consequence, content on this blog is going to seem light for the next couple of days. We’ll still drop in updates, but nothing too substantial.

That said, this means we’re ever closer to the big store launch, which we’ll be announcing soon, so keep glued to the site and our social media!

Incoming // New Releases for March 11th, 2015

Happy Monday, you incorrigible scamps. As always, we’re starting the week with a list of things you can find on the comic shop shelves this week, aaaaand like always, we have to note that you won’t be able to find any of those products on our shelves. Because, uh… because we’re not open yet. But soon. Keep an eye out for more info.

Now, without further adieu…

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Watch: The Debutantes Comedy Cotillion


A night of awesome comedy begins at 8pm at the Mercury Theatre (formerly the Azimuth Theatre) on 11315 106th Avenue.

You definitely want to be there. During my last days at the old comic shop I worked at, I had the privilege of hearing about this group coming together and developing sketches from my co-worker Liam Creswick, and I’ve been really excited to see them in action ever since… and now is the time! If you’re free, definitely head out and take in the show – it’s just $10 and features a comedy, music, and more? Maybe. PROBABLY! I dunno. All I know is that we’re going to be there, and we want to see you there, nebulous internet person.

You can check out their Ken Dies sketch above to get a taste of what’s to come tonight. Do that.

Watch: Guess Who is in Independence Day 2 & Sexy Film News – The Jay Runham Show

It’s another fine edition of The Jay Runham Show, in which Jay talks about some cool Adventure Time news, Independence Day 2 casting, and gives an impassioned talk about the importance of watching movies in theatres. Give the video a watch for all that an more!

The Jay Runham Show airs on Fridays at YouTube, and right here on Variant Edition as part of our Locally Sourced initiative.

Hindsight // Time For The Flash

A series wherein we use the time and life experience we’ve been given to revisit old favourites with fresh eyes. When you’re mired in the crush of the weekly comic book grind, it can be easy to get lost in the minutiae of the moment, where continuity is king and the reverberating effects of events inside real and imagined universes deeply affect our enjoyment of single issues. This is a series where we take a look at older issues outside of the context of time and space and experience them for their current merits. It will also give me a good excuse to dig through the backlog of things I need to read and use that time to create content. So.

The Flash – Vol. 2 #62

Flash Vol 2 #62

The first issue written by Mark Waid.

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Watch: The New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Is everyone excited to see this in May? We’re pretty excited to see this in May.

Reading: Battle Royale

2015 has been an interesting year for me. Every year, I usually start off with a list of goals that I want to accomplish, all of which I swiftly abandon within the first 30 days. This year has been different so far.

While comics have been a large focus of the year (obviously), I also wanted to make sure I didn’t lose myself in them like I did near the end of last year. In 2013, I read somewhere around 20 prose books. Last year I think I got around to 4 or 5. Similarly, my writing dwindled, and the time I had toward watching television I really wanted to see seemed to evaporate regularly. I decided to change all of that, and it seems to be working pretty good so far. I’m on my third prose book of the year, and uh… well, it’s a doozy.

Battle Royale is the book (and the movie) a lot of pop culture types will pull out when they want to roll their eyes about the popularity of The Hunger Games. On the surface, I can see why: both involve groups of teens murdering each other at the whims of an all powerful governing body – but honestly, that’s where the similarities end. Continue reading

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