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What Books We Do

Hey all, Jared here!

Things are progressing fast at the shop in preparation for the big launch party coming up on Saturday.  The new shelves have been assembled and the mountain of exciting new stock is starting to dwindle as each item is being processed.  We’re just about ready to turn the page and begin our exciting new chapter!



But you may be wondering, “ok yeah, you guys are doing used books now.  But what sort of books will you be carrying?”  I’m here to answer that in this post and give you an idea of the vision we have behind these decision.

The focus of our stock acquisition will be two-fold, with the primary categories being genre fiction and nonfiction.  Genre fiction focus on the fantastic within stories, showing worlds different than our own, featuring all sorts of changes; from aliens and supernatural abilities, to magic and impossible creatures. These changes may be drastic taking place on completely different worlds, or subtle featuring our own earth with minor tweaks that shake up the status quo.  But they all show us something new and allow us to explore and discover new possibilities within these fantastical realms.  They make us question the society around us or show us where our world could be heading.  And most of all the spark our own imaginations and creativity.


Our non-fiction section will support that of genre fiction, with the focus being on works that establish context for the stories we experience.  Some examples being history books that feature time periods often used within the stories of popular media, science and nature books to help us understand the rules behind the worlds we read or experience, writing or art instruction works to help us create the worlds that are ready to emerge from our own minds, and many many more. This classification is quite broad, but it allows us to explore a wide variety of books without restricting our decisions to ironclad rules.


Within these two classifications we will be carrying forward with Variant’s vision providing a focus on unheard voices.  We always want to feature writers, artists, and subjects that shift from the typical Eurocentric male prioritization that can often go behind much of the popular culture around us.  Within our stock we want to feature as wide a variety of perspectives as there are within our culture and not have one subcategories perspective be dominant.

On top of that we will also be prioritizing our kids section, adding on to the stock of graphic novels we already stock.

While these principles will be the foundation of what we carry there will be many additions and tweaks made as we march forward.  We value our customer input in what sort of stories and books we will feature and will also be creating a request system to help you find the books you are looking for.

Stay tuned for more info on how this vision will affect how we purchase books (we’ll be starting to take them in sometime next week) and several new events that will start in the coming months.  I hope to see you all at our Launch Party this Saturday to talk more about this vision and show you how it is taking form!

Jared Henze
Used Book Brigadier

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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