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Used Book Selling Guide

Now that we’ve had a few days to get things started with our new Used Book Section we are ready to answer the most asked questions we’ve been getting.  Those being in relation to “How can we get our books to you?”  Hopefully this post will shed some light on the process.


The question I’ve been asked the most so far is “what sort of books are you looking for”.  As mentioned previously, my main sections will be Genre Fiction, Non-Fiction and All Ages books.  And while these may be a bit general, they allow me to look through books without being restricted by a colossal book of rules.  This being said I’m sure most of you are hoping to get some insights into what books to bring so I don’t go through what you have and turn it all away. So here are a few points to help you narrow down which books to bring by.

  • The focus of fiction is on storytelling and I lean towards the fantastic or unique.  As a result I’ll be taking in a ton of Science Fiction and Fantasy and shying away from formulaic popular fiction (I’ll be avoiding most Romance titles and I’ll be selective with Thrillers and Mystery).  I’ll also be looking for Classics and Literary Fiction
  • Non-Fiction focus is on establishing context for both our’s and fictional worlds.  As a result I’ll be looking through most genre types but avoiding popular fads in non-fiction (Most Self-Help, Health and Business will be avoided)
  • I’ll be taking in Graphic Novels as well, this will let the store stock titles that are often out of print and make it easier for you to find the stories you are hunting for
  • Age of a book is a small factor, mostly because I can only stock 1 or 2 copies of a particular book at a time.  Both newer books (the last 3-4 years) and older books (30+ years) should not have to worry about me rejecting a book because I already have it in.
  • Newer titles are especially desirable in Genre fiction and kids as they have a better chance of being titles that are in the popular mindset and what my customers will be keeping an eye out for.
  • Anything unique or unlike other titles will also be ones that I’d be interested in
  • Condition is always a factor, the better the condition the more likely I’ll take a book in.  Spinebreaks, torn pages, excessive annotations and water damage are all damage types that can prevent my interest in a book.  The more unique the title though, the greater chance of my ignoring damage (as long as the book is still readable)


As for options of what you get for your books we will be doing both sales for cash as well as trades for other used book stock.  For cash transactions, I will be able to give on average between $.50 and $2 per title.  Rare titles and ones that I know will be sell quick will potentially be given more depending on a variety of other factors. Trades will give you a better deal with a single title being worth between ⅓ and ½ of a similarly priced title in the used book section. This will all depend on what titles are being exchanged for what (Popular titles giving you more credit towards others and recent acquisitions potentially being harder to trade for).  The entire process will be a conversation we have making sure both parties understand the factors going into the decision.

A unique element I wasn’t to include to the process will be the customer ability to challenge my decisions.  If I say no to a book you think I should take, I encourage you to tell me so and let me know why my choice is silly.  Often I will reject a book as I know nothing about it.  If you can tell me about the title and give me an explanation of what it’s about I’ll be able to pass that on or recommend it to a customer I think could enjoy it.  I won’t have the time to hear challenges for every book I say no to, but will be able to hear a few thoughts on my decisions.

If you have any questions about the process or want to send me pictures or a list of titles you are looking to get rid of feel free to come in, call the shop or send me an email at

We start buying books from the general public this Wednesday Oct 25, and I look forward to looking through the books you bring in.

Jared Henze

Used Book Brigadier

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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