Variant Edition | This Week in Used Books: Vol 5 Drowning in Books
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This Week in Used Books: Vol 5 Drowning in Books

Hey all!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these posts for a bit but they have returned!

Things have been a bit bonkers in the used book section of the store during the past few weeks with us working our first market type event and many new sources of books being discovered.  All in all we continue to see a ton of great new growth in the section

First we have a small amount of newer fiction titles from the last few years show up in a recent trade.


Here’s a few of note within the selection:

  • Fool by Christopher Moore – Moore takes his comedic styling into the realm of Shakespeare!
  • Redshirts by John Scalzi – A personal favorite of mine, the story shows what the life of a Redshirt on a Enterprise-esque ship would be like.  It involves a lot of hiding when the away team is being put together.
  • A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson – A sci fi thriller by one of the stars of X-files? Sign us up!
  • Libriomancer by Jim C Hines – An interesting first book of a fantasy series involving a magic system where the characters reach into literature to conjure objects from the pages.
  • The Savage Song by Victoria Schwab – A young adult story by the author V.E. Schwab, a ton of folks have been recommending this author to me lately and I’m looking forward to giving her a go
  • Robots and Spaceships – A photo collection of some rad old robot and spaceship toys

But the biggest development for the section comes from a gigantic stock acquisition I stumbled into. My Monday and Tuesday consisted of completely boxing up and moving the basement of a well read doctor who had a TON of obscure non-fiction titles.  All said and done, there ended up being 142 boxes with an estimated 3500 books in the collection.


I’m not going to see that corner of my basement for quite some time.

In this collection we have a huge array of different books. Some of the subject areas included in the collection are:

  • Churchill
  • Nazi Germany
  • Victorian Sexuality
  • Medical History
  • British History
  • Arthurian Legends
  • Porcelain and Pottery
  • Art
  • Chaucer
  • And many, many more


We even bought enough shelves to make a new aisle to house them all!

Processing this collection is going to be a journey so they will not all be available for sale right away but I’ll be getting through them as quick as I can and making many future posts both here and on instagram featuring some of the highlights within.

So stay tuned friends, the book flood is going to be a roller coaster of weird and fascinating titles in the coming weeks.

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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