Variant Edition | New in Used Books Vol 6 Non-Fiction Feature Time!
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New in Used Books Vol 6 Non-Fiction Feature Time!

Hey all! Jared here with this week’s new in used books! It’s been a little while since I’ve been posting consistently due to our days being closed for the holidays but I’m here to catch all you up on the exciting new stock we have in store!  I’ve been hard at work processing my GIGANTIC non-fiction acquisition from a few weeks back, plus a few other collections coming in results in a ton of new sections in store and bonkers books to show off to y’all.

Science Fiction

To get started we have a large amount of science fiction from the space opera category (plus a few alternative history)

This is just a small sample, we have more from each of these authors on our shelves!

Kids Books

Thanks to some tubs of books fresh from Brandon’s childhood we finally have a sizable collection of kids storybooks! A fair amount of nostalgia inducing titles, from Little Golden Books and Beatrix Potter, to many other ridiculous and familiar stories.


And now for the main portion of this blog post, featuring samples from the many fleshed out non-fiction sections due to my recent giant acquisition within the area.  We now have legitimate sections for many of the main non-fiction categories including Writing & Literature, Biography, History, Religion, Science, Art, Philosophy and more!  Here are some of the feature books from these:


One of the largest sections in our non-fiction section now we have a ton of history books on all sorts of focuses from specific area focuses to books on a particular subject (including Warrior Women throughout history).  There should be something to catch the eye of any history buff

British History

In a more specific field we have a large amount of books on the United Kingdom from the early ages to more contemporary times


Shifting the focus to a more individualistic look at history, we now have many, many books on the lives of interesting historical figures.  Many Royal biographies but also some random characters throughout history and literature


A whole ton of books on one of the most prominent characters within the history of Britain. Including several of his works on painting.

History of Intimacy

A rare treasure trove of books on the subjects of intimacy and sexuality.  We now have more than 20 books in the area ranging from societal views on the idea during specific eras of time to books on the history of celibacy.

Domestic History

The idea of family hasn’t always been what we experience within the modern era, there have been many different outlooks on the concept throughout time.  We now have quite a few titles in this area from the history of old age, to that of childhood or even more specifically the history of the English Nanny.

Arthurian Legends

A source for many facets of pop culture we now have a section of books that either looks at or was inspired by the legends of King Arthur.


Many works both by and about the medieval author Chaucer

Medical History

The previous owner of many of these books worked within the medical field and his reading reflected this heavily. Dealing with the history of medicine as well as many controversial practices and times within medical history there are tons of fascinating subject areas within this new section

CP Snow

Many books from the British author and scientist CP Snow

But this is only a brief snippet of all the new books we have gracing our shelves.  There are many more to be discovered!

As always let me know if you have any questions about any of our titles at


AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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