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New in Used Books Vol 7 Part 1: Book-Picking

Oh goodness, has it ever been a week for the used book section here at the store.  All sorts of new treasures from all sorts of places.  So much so that it’s going to take me two blog posts to show you the highlights from everything!!!  What is this madness!?

This post is going to focus on a new venture I dived into earlier this week, book picking. Unlike most used bookstores I don’t want to rely solely on what books come through the front door of the shop for trade or selling.  There are so many more treasures to find and share with you folks beyond the walls of the shop, and I aim to discover them!

Monday found me doing a test run of this idea.  A few days earlier, a customer had mentioned to me that a bookstore out in Ponoka was getting rid of a TON of books, selling everything in the store at clearance prices.  Needless to say I perked up at this and figured it could be the opportunity to see if “out of store” ventures could be worthwhile.

So with a willing father in tow, I took to the roads!. I admit we could have chosen a better day, what with the extreme cold warning and the sketchy road conditions, but we made it out alright.

Once we made it down to Ponoka we struggled a bit finding the store as they have 0 online presence whatsoever (other than a 2011  reference on a geocaching site….).  But after scrolling through Google Map Streetview,  we managed to find the Corner Book Store.

Inside was a wall to wall mass of books.  The quite large space was packed with bookshelves, each filled to the brim.  Plus the owner had the building next door which housed even more!  I dived into the shelves finding find after find (avoiding the entire 1/6th of the store devoted to VHS) and came out with several boxes loaded with books

We then started the trek back to Edmonton stopping by at a diner in Wetaskiwin called Runway Lunch.  The place is under new management recently and they make some delicious sandwiches, I would highly recommend checking them out if you are driving through and looking for some eats.

But enough about food (there will be plenty of that in part 2!), returning to Edmonton I began laying the groundwork for some dealing with other local bookshops. I can’t say more now but if you are hunting for some books, now may be the time to shoot some requests my way, my pool of available books may be increasing in the near future.

All in all quite the successful day. So much so I plan to do more in the springtime so if you have any suggestions of interesting book or thrift stores I should check out in Alberta send them my way!  I’m also working on a system for house call book buying for large collections but still in the early stages of that project.

But anywho, I’m sure you’re all interested in what exactly I found during this adventure so let’s dive into some of the books!

The Finds

Politically Correct Fairy Tales

These charming collections re-imagine classic fairy tales for the modern world, fixing many of the problematic elements and show what happens as a result!


For the pulp fiction lover, I stumbled on a nice stack of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.  Mostly his Tarzan works, but one John Carter and a standalone to boot.


The store had quite the gold-mine of decent condition Agatha Christie novels.  I dream of one day having her entire bibliography in store but gosh darn it they keep selling to fast!


This was a last minute find I spotted on my way out of the shop, a nice little pile of Isaac Asimov’s lesser known Non-Fiction works.

Obscure Sci Fi



I love these older Sci Fi titles, everything from a sci fi short story collection focusing on sports to one called Voodoo Fury.  In this title it appears as though the protagonists have broken voodoo law and must therefore pay the voodoo price!

Anne Mccaffrey

A nice stack of Anne McCaffrey’s Novels featuring Pern and more!



Some elusive kids titles from authors White, Dahl and Milne plus some interesting storybooks


Plus some used kids pop-up books that are actually in decent shape.

Highly Sought After

And here’s a bunch of high demand titles that are sure to not last long on the shelves

New Titles

In addition there are some newer hardcovers that are difficult to find used.  From the authors of John Dies at the End and Gods Behaving Badly

And from an earlier trade some exciting Graphic Novels


And that’s it for this segment!  In part 2 of this blog I will be going through a TON of exciting new cookbooks we now have in the store.  Keep your eyes peeled, it should post sometime later today or early tomorrow!

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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