Variant Edition | New in Used Books March 31
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New in Used Books March 31

It’s been a busy couple weeks over here in the Variant Used Book Department.  Our online store has been keeping busy (filling in a bunch more of our map), we’ve wrapped up our mobile Grant McEwan booth and we had a table over at the Edmonton Pop Culture Fair. All in all a good time giving us the resources to expand our shelf count in the next week!  More space for all of our favourite titles!  There is much joy to be had by all.  

But as I’ve wrapped up a bunch of our excursions and events, I now have time to put together a new post featuring some of the new things to come in the last while.  I always have new books coming in and this time I have a bit more of a focus towards the younger audiences. So let’s go and dive into the exciting new things!


First up is a massive influx of Young Adult titles into the store.

I’ve been working hard over here to be a store for the readers and have policies that will foster this idea.  I’ve found that folks often have trouble finding series or specific titles in the Young Adult category and often can’t find the books they are looking for in stores.  This isn’t because the books aren’t around, they often have huge print runs and should be readily available.  However, most stores don’t have the know how or the time to keep track of all the books and series so often resort to only buying titles from recent years (ie only buying books from the last 3 years of print).  I understand why stores do this, it lowers the workload of the often overworked employees.  But this often leads to strange buying choices where a shop will only take in the most recent books in a series and reject the early volumes of a story.  They then end up with books no one will buy because they can’t find the books that set up the story.

My solution to this is twofold:

  1.  I do my best to research and find out as much as I can about an author or series.  More work on my end I know, but it’s worthwhile for my own knowledge and provides me with resources to help folks find the stories they want to dive into.  
  2.  Buy complete sets and bundle them together.  This way those hunting down the books are going to get a good chunk of the story rather than weird bits out of order.  Although I am willing to break up these bundles, as long as I’m left with a continuous series of volumes starting with volume 1. This way I try to reduce how much time is needed to hunt down a book or series.

So here’s hoping we can be a resource for YA fans!

We’ve also tweaked how we are handling Chapter Books aimed at younger audiences.

We’ve lowered our prices on these titles to help parents of avid readers not have to break the bank to keep the literary guzzlers well supplied.  With some exceptions we will now be selling these sorts of titles at $1 a book.  Here’s a peek at some of the books in our new box

And that’s our new features, now to highlight a few of the titles that have shown up recently.

First up is a few of the fiction titles that have come into the store recently.  From big names like Mievelle and Danielewski to newer authors like Pierce Brown (who I’ve heard a ton of good things about. Also Unicorns vs Zombies, a strange pairing? Or the perfect match? You decide.

Also a great batch of non-fiction titles from entertainment personalities who all excel in their comedic styles.

We also have in a bunch of the unique literary volumes that are put out by McSweeney’s.

Some great additions to our coffee table book stock have also found their way in providing some great art galleries to flip through next time you’re in the shop

Plus a few high demand classics from the all ages categories featuring the much loved characters of Pooh and Waldo.

Also some gorgeous Fairy Tale collections featuring both familiar and obscure stories.

And that’s it for this volume of New in Used Books.  We’ll see you next week where I’ll talk about which sections will be expanded with our new shelf additions that are incoming.

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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