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New in Used: Tweaking the Format

Heya folks!

It’s that time of the week again, time for me to show off some of the exciting and bonkers titles that have appeared this week on Edmonton’s newest used bookshops shelves.  But before I dive into the exciting new pics I thought I’d let you folks know I’ll be tweaking the format of this blog a bit.  Rather than just talk about the books for sale I’ll be throwing in stories as I go out into the world hunting books and giving some updates on what I’m reading with commentary and review.  The plan is to give those interested parties a look inside the world of a bookshop owner and the crazy world that is literature.  But with that let’s dive into the shiny new books!

Graphic Novels

First up is a small infusion graphic novels.  These range from some Spider-man volumes of Marvel’s out of print Essential line to more recent stories such as InSEXts.

Sci Fi


Quite the range of science fiction titles showed up in several collections throughout the week.  Quite a few of which are considered to be part of the sci fi classic canon (I’m personally loving the edition of Neuromancer, I’ve never seen this cover before but digging it)


For how difficult I used to find discovering copies of his works, I’ve been stumbling into the books of Mark Z. Danielewski quite a lot lately.  This being said, they never last long so if you want to try out his strange style of messing with text formats, you’d better jump quick.


Plus quite the range of different subjects in our new non-fiction titles.  Quite a few science and history books as well as a guide to find new life within old junk.

Stephen King

Quite the nice infusion for our horror section with various works of Stephen King.  With the new adaptation of It on the horizon, those who like reading the book before seeing the movie may want to check it out.  Plus some gorgeous collectible editions of his works including one rare werewolf story with some great illustrations throughout.


Some new bundles have also come in ranging from steampunk stories to more recent Young Adult hits.

Rando Features

And a few other special items you may want to know about.


Switching gear now, earlier this week we confirmed the next date for the stores Gamemaster Support Group.  Our last session was quite a success, with all our members sharing ideas on how to strengthen our NPCs in game and overcome obstacles we had been facing.  And since we had a lot of strong discussion in the area we decided to stay in similar territory with Character Conversations.  We’ll be focusing on how you can enrich your groups conversations and build oral puzzles and clues into your sessions.  Check out the link for more details

This way to the event!


What Jared’s Reading

Here’s that new feature I mentioned earlier! I’m going to be going through the books I’ve finished giving a quick blurb opinion on it and list what other titles I’m working on with a one or two sentences thought or update (I often read up to 4 titles at a time, although I’m down to 3 at the moment).  So let’s give this a go!

What’s Done?

Ilium by Dan Simmons

Man I wanted to like this book.  Mars, Trojan War, Greek Myth, Crazy Robots.  It had a lot of potential if pulled off right.  However the book split into 3 perspectives that had little to no interaction making it hard to follow and keep track of. The final 150 pages or so came together into something worthwhile and interesting but it took a lot of work to get there.


If you are a fan of multi perspective Sci Fi narratives you may enjoy this (although I’d recommend diving into Simmons Hyperion Cantos first as it felt better structured).  I had a hard time getting into it but with the conclusion being satisfying I’d be willing to try out the second part of the story.

What I’m working on

Hunted by Kevin Hearne – Crazy Druid shenanigans with appearances by pretty much every pantheon of gods there is.  So far there are some fun and interesting takes on mythological beings.

Dwarves by Markus Heitz – A fantasy series that actually dives into dwarf culture! I’m enjoying have dwarves being more than just the support characters in a novel.

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein – After much prodding I’m finally starting up this Sci Fi classic.  Just scratched the surface so far but enjoying the outsider view of earth culture it puts forward.


Want to see more of my literary thoughts?  Follow my Goodreads page for more up to date ratings


Goodreads account

And that’s all folks! Who knows what adventures both real and literary we will find ourselves in the coming week.
See you next time!

AUTHOR: Jared Henze
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