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Floods and Files

Every business hates to do this, but I must admit, we’ve been running a lot tighter than we’d like. Due to various reasons – work schedules, weather, hockey even – customers have been behind on picking up their files. This, combined with a few extra expenses on our end lately – the cost of bringing in Free Comic Book Day product, along with a significant leak from our ceiling that damaged product and wrecked some of our lighting – has necessitated a harder line. Brandon and I have been understanding for as long as we comfortably could, and then beyond that. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m putting a call out to everybody.

Please pick up your file, as soon as possible. If for whatever reason, buying comics AT MINIMUM once a month isn’t working for your schedule, then reconsider how you pick up your comics. Your local comic store buys that product, and unless the owners are independently wealthy or have a high-paying second job, they rely on those sales, not only to cover their costs, but to pay themselves and their employees.

There are several services that we offer to help you keep current despite your schedule. We have a great In City Delivery program that costs as little as $2 a month (or free, if you have low mobility), a we offer mail order for those further out. You can also contact us about sending an eTransfer or PayPal to cover costs until you can come in – or set up a recurring payment system by keeping a credit card on file.

Should you decide a file it not for you, please buy what is remaining in the file before you cancel it. Do not simply disappear. This is the worst thing you can do, and the store will have to eat those costs. This only adds to the stress, and lessens their ability to bring in more product that you and others may enjoy in the future.

In a perfect world, every file customer would pick up their new comics on a weekly basis. Our file boxes would be empty and ready to be refilled before we open the new shipment every Tuesday. This is not a perfect world, and we understand that – everyone has other obligations and restrictions on their time and budgets. What we’re asking is for folks to meet us halfway. If times are tough, part of our services here is a budgetary program designed to keep you within an established framework for money spent that we can work out together. We also never demand that full files be picked up during any visit, but for there to be an effort made.

As there are a few files we haven’t heard from in some time, I will be contacting customers next week to cancel files. Usually, Brandon and myself like to clean things up before the end of the month, but Free Comic Book Day is taking up a lot of our bandwidth, so this must be pushed back – so you have an extra week. If you can come to Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 6 from 10AM to 5PM), feel free to pick up your file. We can speak in store, on the phone, or over email about what would make maintaining your file easier in the future, whether that’s setting up some kind of recurring payment, more contact, less books on file, or stopping the file until circumstances are better. If you can’t make it out this Saturday, we would still like to see a lot of you in the next couple weeks.

There is a lot of trust that goes in to a file. The store holds on to certain product for a customer, and the customer trusts the store not to sell that product because it is, for all intents and purpose, the customer’s. They just haven’t paid for it yet. And that’s the part of the process that can grind the system to a halt.

Currently, we have 1193 singles issues and 51 collected editions and graphic novels in our hold boxes. Altogether, that amounts to around $7398.42 of product. This is before what will be added to the files this week. Consider how much of that may be in your file. And remember, even if you don’t live in Edmonton or shop at Variant Edition, this information applies to any comic store with a file system.

Support your local comic store, support your local businesses.

Thank you.

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