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Our Problem With Telus


As of today, we now have phone service with Shaw, which should mean that the amicable resolution we came up with Telus has taken root. We have yet to receive a final note of resolution from Telus, but as of right now, things appear to be resolved. If that changes, we’ll let you all know.

Thank you for your support, and for sharing our story. You folks are an amazing community of human beings, and through your power, we’ve made it this far. Thank you for all of your support, and we will see you soon.


Hey everyone. We’ve tried to resolve this as privately as possible, but the time has come to make this as public as we possibly can in hopes that a resolution can happen.

When we moved the shop in August of last year, we jumped through a copious amount of hoops in order to take our business phone number with us. This process began in early August, with the intent of having a phone line and internet in our new location when we re-opened there on August 31st. This did not happen.

We were without a proper landline and internet for weeks – though TELUS was forwarding all calls to the store’s phone number to Brandon’s cell phone (which helped), we did not have the ability to use our debit machine during this time, due to a lack of internet. After calling several times to get them to install both, we gave up on the internet, and contacted SHAW, who made a date for installation (Sept 15th). Shortly after this, Telus contacted us to say they would be able to finally set up our phone and internet… well after the 15th. We told them not to bother with the internet. They arrived on their appointed date, and installed the phone – and then attempted to install the internet. We explained to them (again) that it was no longer needed. The internet wasn’t installed. We then proceeded to be billed twice for internet, without proper resolution. It took hours on the phone and multiple calls to finally get a credit on the file for the service that we weren’t being provided.

Please note that upon discovering that we were being billed for this, we had to demand the charges be taken off the account ourselves. Telus was fully willing to let us pay those charges without any form of compensation.

In October, we also contacted them because we could not receive calls into the store. We could phone out, but not in. This was (supposedly) resolved. We received no compensation for this at that time.

Move forward to February, and we were told by a customer that he could not contact us through his Telus land line. We attempted to speak with Telus to resolve this, and they stated that there was no problem with our phone line, and had to be on his end. Despite attempts from this customer to get this resolved, nothing was fixed. He still couldn’t get in touch with us.

In May, yet another customer informed us that he couldn’t get calls in from a landline. When we called Telus to try and resolve this, they told us that due to our phone number coming with us to a new location, a provider (they said it was “probably” Shaw or another provider, not them) had neglected to change the mapping on that number, and so these customers were getting “not in service” notices because of that. Both of these customers informed us that their landlines were through Telus. It was Telus that was blocking calls to our business… and asking us to pay them money for the privilege.

A note: when we were told that this issue was probably due to another provider’s negligence, and not theirs, we were also informed that because it wasn’t their issue, there would be nothing that could be done on their end to resolve it, including any credit on our file. As it turns out, the fact that Telus had been grossly negligent in providing service to us was a small blessing, if only because it being their fault would make it easier to resolve this through them.


We spent hours on the phone attempting to get this fixed, including spending two hours on hold one day, after which Telus’ Business Twitter told us to hang up the phone and that they had made a note for someone to contact us. Nobody did. After we recontacted them ourselves, we were told that the issue with Telus customers being unable to phone us had been resolved several times. They weren’t. We had to get our customers to call us several times over the course of a few days to no avail. Finally, something clicked. We were made aware that this issue would have dated back to the start of our account in our current location. This has been, or should have been documented on our file. We asked for compensation to account for the fact that we had not been provided proper service since that point in time. Considering the fact that multiple times during this process we had been told there were no problems or that they were someone else’s problems, we figured the time frame that accounted for this issue wouldn’t be out of line.

Two days ago, we received a notice that our request for a billing adjustment had been rejected due to the extent of the time frame involved. We were looking for a compensation – not for the full amount that we’d been paying, despite the fact that there has been a notable lack of service from Telus from the start of our account with them – but for the outstanding amount we had on the account as we outright refuse to pay for services that have not been provided. It is our contention that this had not been resolved in a timely manner due to several reassurances from Telus that there was nothing wrong with the service they were providing to us, including an attempt to remove blame from themselves, and place it on the shoulders of another provider.

At this point in time, enough is enough. The blatant neglect that Telus has shown in their attempts to provide a service is glaring. The fact that they are seeking any money for their lack of service is unconscionable. If we were charging people for products or services they were not receiving, we would rightfully be taken to task. We are treating Telus as we would expect people to treat our business. To that end, we refuse to reward this behaviour with payment. In fact, we should be compensated for the money we’ve already provided them for this lack of proper service, and the hours and hours it has taken to get to the point where they are still demanding we pay for services that were not rendered. 

What we are looking for is a resolution. We are completely uninterested in continuing a business relationship with Telus due to this gross negligence – but they have refused to allow us to transfer our business number to Shaw, who has been diligently checking in with us on a weekly basis (way more than Telus has done ever during this process). Telus would like us to pay the remainder on our account (admittedly after stating they would knock off 20% of the total left owing). We are seeking to have our total read “zero” and to have our number transferred peacefully, rather than being held hostage with demands that we pay for services that were not properly rendered. We should be demanding more. We are owed more. All we want is to be done – everything zeroed out, and to move along. We are willing to be less reasonable, if Telus is unwilling to meet us at this halfway point.


Share this. Spread this through social media, use word of mouth, and get the word out. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, and should not be rewarded with silence. If we pay them for this lack of service, we condone this behaviour. If we remain silent about their treatment, we condone this behaviour. We do not condone this behaviour. No one should.

We’ll keep you updated as to how this resolves. We’re not interested in vilifying Telus if they make amends and would like to keep you updated if something good comes of this, or otherwise. It’s only fair, considering that we’ve chosen to take this to a more public venue.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to how to resolve this in an expedient manner, please feel free to contact us. Maybe not by phone. There’s been some problems with that.

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