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Hit Pause for Focus

Hey everyone,

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed a lot of things have disappeared from Variant’s schedule. I wanted to apologize for that. Unfortunately, I’m making the call today to officially put those items on hiatus. I say hiatus with hope, as always, but I have my doubts about my ability to commit to more than I’m already giving. I woke up with work on my mind, and have been writing this post in my mind all morning. I can only hope that a lot of it translates from my brain to the page.

It takes a village to own a business, and although we have a wonderful community, it is really just Brandon and myself responsible for content creation. Which, as you see, is the first thing to go. First the newsletter and Affirmatron, then the podcast. The blog only gets
updated with the Incoming post, which is the bare minimum. I’m covering most things in the used section, back issues, event planning
when I can, and Brandon covers everything else (seriously. He’s amazing). I wish we had the energy for more, and while we have had some amazing part-time help over the past few months, we’ve decided to put that money towards advertising and product going into the Christmas season, rather than searching for another worker.

So, I’m making cuts. I’m streamlining the business where I can.

As of today, Yegs & Bacon is on hiatus once again, and when it returns, it will be monthly rather than bi-weekly. The newsletter and Affirmatron are on permanent hiatus, with good intentions to have them return in 2019. We will be focused on product and customers only, and will be quite tight with our events going into the holiday season. I’m sure that may be a relief for everyone, since you may be booked up next month anyway.

You may be wondering, if they’re putting all this stuff on hiatus, what’s left? Well, a lot, actually. Every Monday, the Incoming post will still happen. Every Wednesday continues to be New Comic Book Day (#NCBD on social media), so please still expect tweets from our personal Twitter and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #PreNCBD. Thursday deliveries around the city are growing and I’m happy we can serve customers outside of our neighbourhood. Brandon and myself are here every day(even Tuesday, when the store is closed) to help you with your comics selection, to add or remove subscriptions from your file, to offer recommendations to new and current readers. You can contact us through email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, or in person. We’re available to you, within reason.

Please know we are grateful for you. We literally would not be here without you. And as such, I would like to be here a bit more for you. All of the Thursdays in December (6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th), I will be here for an extra hour, until 8pm. The holiday shopping season is upon us, and I want to give you more opportunities to shop local and support us if you like.

We love you. Thank you.

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