#preNCBD // Watch Out For Wolverines

#InternMax helps supervise our New Comic Book Day prep. He’s a good boy! #VEInterns

Hey folks! Wondering what new treasures await you today in the comic shop? We have you covered. Not only can you find a comprehensive list of all the new comics, graphic novels and restocks we received in this week’s Incoming post, we’ve had a chance to read some of today’s books, and have some spoiler free thoughts for you!

These typically go out on Tuesday night over on Twitter, so if you want to get in on the action early, pop over there and look for the #preNCBD hashtag to get the scoop.

And there is so much more we didn’t have a chance to get to because… well, admittedly, I ended up falling down a rabbit hold of trying to update this website via phone and encountered a snafu that tanked my night. The good news? We’ll both be in the store today to talk about all the cool things. Until then, here’s a little bonus from last night.

We love you, Wolverine.

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