(Re)Introducing: The Variant Edition Regularity

A few months ago in a post that was swallowed by our website revamp, we regrettably announced a hiatus for many of our side projects here at Variant Edition… including our weekly newsletter, which was never quite weekly.

Well folks, we’re proud to announce that The Variant Edition Regularity will be back starting bright and early on Wednesday, January 30th. Once again, it will be functioning more like a comics industry newsletter, rather than just talking about our store and events – though that stuff will be there too.

If you’d like to sign up, just take a look over at our sidebar and enter your info. Then, wait until you hear your name on the wind. Walk outside and take a look at any device you might use to receive e-mails. It might take a while for the actual newsletter to arrive in your inbox, depending on when your name was called. Wind messages feature no timing mechanism. We apologize for that.

Actually, you know what? Forget the “name on the wind” stuff. You might not have data or wifi access or whathaveyou, standing outside like that, and you can read the newsletter from anywhere really. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Anyway. The newsletter returns! January 30th! Hurray!

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