New Sale!

You may have noticed we’ve been pulling back on intake in regards to our used prose side of the shop. That’s mainly because we’ve been busier than ever with more customers, and are trying to find the time to process all those items.

With our limited time, this hasn’t resulted in a lot of books going out on the floor. Often, when we dohave something prepped, there is no shelf space for it! Since the shop isn’t going to get any larger, we thought we would hold a sale, and we think you’re going to like it.

We’d like to introduce a “Give Us Your Best Offer” sale. If you are purchasing 5 or more used books, we will be open to hearing reasonableoffers. We are including used graphic novels in this sale, because we want this to be fair for you, and it didn’t feel right excluding half the used stock in the store.

We are holding this sale for the entiretyof July. After that, our hope is that we can release lots more new-to-us used product from our back rooms, and you will find something you love.

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