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Greetings fellow humans, and welcome to a brand new week of fun and pop culture here at Variant Edition. There's a lot to get to this week, so let's jump right into it - what follows is a list of all the new comics hitting our shelves this week. If you see anything that you want, let us know, and we'll put a copy aside for you! ACTION COMICS #967 ADVENTURE TIME #58 ALL NEW X-MEN #15 ALL STAR BATMAN #4 ALTERS #2 (MR) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 NOW // Marvel returns to a reality where Peter Parker and Mary Jane stayed married and had kid…...

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Folks: this past week was the longest week of my year so far. Coming down off the high that was Spring Break 2016 and all the funtimes that involved, this week was like a five day hangover. Now that it’s Friday again I feel like I can just about make it through…wait, it’s the weekend again! Never mind, everything’s fine, forget I mentioned it. Let’s just go through a quick summary of the great things that helped me get through the past week.

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I had been looking forward to this week’s New Comic Book Day with a lot more anticipation than normal. I mean, I am a fan of New Comic Book Day in general, but this week was the debut of the new Black Panther series, so my excitement had hit extreme levels. As long-time readers of this column may remember, I love the Black Panther, and this new series has a very impressive pedigree. The writer is Ta-Nehisi Coates, a journalist, author, and 2015 MacArthur Genius Grant winner, making his comics debut. The artist is Brian Stelfreeze, whose work on the Catwoman/Demon story in Wednesday Comics was one of the highlights of a series that was chock full of great comics art. And the colours are by Laura Martin, who has worked on titles like The Authority, Planetary, JLA, and Astonishing X-Men, and whose name is basically a guarantee of quality. With a roster like that working on one of my favourite Marvel characters, the book had a lot to live up to.