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Used Books

With the move to the new location, we’ve found ourselves with a fair amount of extra space.  As a result we’ve broadened our offerings into other areas within the print medium and we now offer up a selection of used prose books.


The focus of our used department is on the idea of storytelling.  We carry a wide variety of different books that either tell imaginative stories that explore new worlds and books that expand our knowledge of the world around us.


As a result our books fall under four distinct classifications:


  • Genre Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • All Ages


Wondering what we price books at? Look no further!  Typically we price at half of the original retail price, with collectable and rare books being priced according to the current market.  We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of interesting reads you may not find at your typical bookstore.


Selling your Books

Buying Hours

I’ve recently started doing some substitute teaching so I’ve had to adjust the buying hours for used book product accordingly

Our regular buying hours are now:

Wed-Fri 4-close Sat-Sun – All Day

I do take appointments and run errands out of the store, so contacting the shop ahead of time if your best bet to guarantee my presence to look at your books.  I can also be convinced to look at books outside my buying hours if given sufficient warning.

But what sort of books do we take?  Here’s a guide to give you an idea of what to expect when you come in


Payout options:  I offer both cash and store credit as options for in-store buying.  Whatever I come up with as a cash value for the product you bring in store, I double it for our store credit offer.


Book Condition:  Varies per book, with in demand titles having more leniency.  There are several types of condition issues that cause a book to be denied for buying.  These include:

  • Visible tears (the larger the tear, the less likely I’ll be interested)
  • Spine cracks (these become a concern when you can see them from the inside of the book)
  • Water damage (this warps the book, often making them unreadable)
  • Bug and Critter damage (if a book looks chewed up or has holes made by bugs it is instantly rejected)

Book Categories

Here is a general guide to the sorts of books we take in, plus a rough range of what sort of value to expect with certain book types.


  • All-Ages
    • Picture Books ($.25-$1 per book)
      • I take most everything for picture books but am quite critical when it comes to condition
    • Non-Fiction (Variable)
      • I am more selective for all-ages non-fiction titles.  The newer the title, the more likely I will be interested.  I also take most everything in regard to unused activity books in good condition.
    • Chapter Books ($.25 per book, more for classic/well known titles)
      • This category focuses on the books written primarily for the age 12 and under.
    • Young Adult ($1-$2 per book)
      • These chapter books are aimed for the teen audience.  I am primarily interested in non-series novels or continuous runs of series.  I primarily don’t take sequels/later books in series without the books that precede them


  • Fiction (On average $.50-$3 per book, will pay more for collectible and harder to find titles. Also, will pay on the higher end of the average for books from the last year of publication)
    • Science Fiction/Fantasy
      • I take most titles with a format preference towards Pocketbooks (we can fit more on the shelves) but take in fair amount of Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers as well (we buy/sell Hardcover at a cheaper rate)
      • We are more selective with sci fi/fantasy franchise tie-ins (ie Star Trek, Star Wars, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms).  I still take a fair amount, I recommend contacting me about what series you have and I’ll give you an idea if I’m interested
    • Horror
      • I try to stock a wide variety with well known names (ie Stephen King, HP Lovecraft) but also work to keep in a selection of lesser known authors
    • Adventure/Intrigue
      • I carry a variety with the focus on more recent titles for adventure and older titles for intrigue (mysteries)
    • Westerns
      • I only carry a limited amount of westerns, contact me with authors to find out if I’m interested
    • Romance
      • With rare exceptions, I do not deal in regular romance titles
    • Classics
      • I carry a wide variety although we only stock one or two copies of each title
    • Real World Fiction
      • I carry a wide variety, preference is for larger formats and titles with more recent publication dates
    • Canadian
      • Similar guidelines to our Real World Fiction section
    • Poetry
      • I are selective due to space constraints, contact us with poet names to check for interest


  • Non-Fiction (Variable, on average $1-3 dollars but it can be more, completely depends on the subject area)
    • Cookbooks
      • I take a variety of titles with a focus on styles of cooking over celebrity personalities
    • Writing/Literature
      • We take a variety with a focus on titles that help authors improve their writing
    • Fine Arts/Pop Culture
      • We are interested in looking at most titles within these areas
    • Biography
      • Completely based on the subject of the book, the newer the title the more likely I’ll take it
    • History
      • I take a wide variety of titles, the focus is on areas underrepresented on our shelves
      • Currently: We have a ton of British History titles, we are looking to expand our non-European history books
    • Philosophy/Sociology
      • I are interested in a wide variety of titles, if you have a large amount of a certain area of interest contact me and I’ll let you know if I’m interested
    • Science
      • Completely depends on the subject area, contact me if you have a large amount of one in particular and I’ll let you know if I’m interested in looking at them
    • Medical
      • I am extremely well stocked in this subject area so I only trade for these titles at the moment
    • Art
      • I take most good condition art tutorial books, I am more choosy when it comes to gallery and artist feature books
    • Religion
      • I try to feature a wide variety of religions in this section and shift focus depending on areas I am low in stock on.
      • Currently: We have a ton of books on Christianity and are looking for books on other religions
    • Folklore and Myth
      • I take most books in this subject area
    • Craft/How-To
      • I try to stock a wide variety of craft focuses, the more unique the crafting/how-to style the more likely we’ll take it
    • Health/Self-Help/Business
      • With rare exceptions, I don’t deal in these types of titles


  • Graphic Novels
    • Regular Graphic Novels (Variable)
      • I am interested in most titles, although out-of-print titles and continuous runs are of particular interest
    • Manga ($.50-$1 per volume)
      • I only deal with Manga as sets.  As a result I only take in continuous runs beginning at volume 1
    • Comic Strips ($1 per book)
      • I am only interested in certain series, contact me with the ones you’re interested in getting rid of and I’ll let you know what I’m looking for


  • RPGs ($3+ per title)
    • Condition permitting, I am interested in any and all RPG titles


Here are a list of authors and books we are currently on the outlook for. This list updates semi-regularly as we get requests from customers


Still have questions?  Think you have an interesting title that falls outside of these guidelines?  Contact me a  I use these as general guidelines and am certainly willing to go outside of them if there are items of interest


Request System


Having trouble getting your hands on the next book of the series you’re reading?  Have you been hunting a book for years and have yet to track it down? Let us know and we can keep our eyes open during our book hunting.


Leaving your info for a request isn’t a commitment, it just allows us to let you know when books you want come in.  All we need from you is a name, contact info, book title, book author as well as any info on condition or version of the book you are looking for.