Introducing: TKO Studios

Introducing: TKO Studios

Introducing: TKO Studios

The comic book industry needs to change.

Some of you might have read a few articles out there about how many comic shops are struggling and trying to figure out a way forward. They talk about how people are no longer consuming comics the way they used to. Here at Variant Edition, we opened the store knowing that the industry was due for a big change, and that it was coming soon. We wanted to be part of that change – a driving force that helped this great medium thrive as it started to look at what’s next.

With that idea in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a company called TKO Studios.

Billing themselves as the “first modern comic company”, TKO arrived on the scene with four completed mini-series, available in three different formats – digital, single issue, and collected edition – offering a bingeable experience in whatever format a person prefers. What’s more: they are distributing themselves, and cutting out the middleman that is Diamond (the comics distributor).

We think that something like this is the future of the comic book industry (for many reasons), and so we stocked up on the physical releases of their titles. Printed in an oversized format, these book feature great stories, and amazing art – all without the worry of finding or waiting for the next instalment. What’s more, TKO has made the first issues available to read for free on their website, so you don’t have to guess at which books you’ll like – and each first issue features more pages than a standard comic.

What’s not to love?

Stay tuned as we start digging into these stories and offering recommendations, both here and on our various social media accounts.

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