Introducing: Variant Edition Infinity Jams

Introducing: Variant Edition Infinity Jams

Introducing: Variant Edition Infinity Jams

On a cold December night, after a particularly stressful work day, Danica and I sat down over some well-deserved take out, and started talking about what the store meant to us. After struggling for a little while, slowly refuelling with carbs and cheese, we came to a realization.

“It was never about us.”

Owners tend to open comic shops fuelled purely by the idea that they can do better. Admittedly, we did too. The mistake most comic shop owners make is not finishing that thought. Sure, you want to do better, but do better at what? And why? Those unspoken quantities say a lot about a store, and can often lead to a store being more about the owner than anyone else. We never wanted that.

Our “what” has always focused on getting comics to as many people as possible – not just those who already knew they wanted to read comics.

Our “why” came from the belief that everyone is just waiting to connect with a story. To discover a thing that is theirs, and to use that to help grow into the amazing person they’re always becoming.

This year, we’re recommitting to those ideas, and reaffirming them to you. We are not a store built just for our tastes, or the tastes of those “in the know”. We always want to push and strive to make this a store for everyone. For you. And we have many ideas percolating that will help us along with that, both big and small. Which brings us to one of our smaller ideas: Variant Edition Infinity Jams.

Every so often, we’ll be putting the call out for songs, focusing on a theme. What we’re looking for is help in programming the music that you hear in the store – adding your own flair and spark to the Variant Edition experience.

When you suggest a song, please stick to the theme. The songs themselves can be “not safe for work”, but keep in mind those won’t play in the store, as we have those toggled off in our settings. Songs will be vetted for content and the list will add and drop songs over time. Eventually, together, we’ll create a great list for every type of mood, and those songs will provide the soundtrack to everyone’s visits to the store. What’s more, you can listen to them at home as well!

So. How about we get things started?

The theme we want to tackle first is “Resolution” – or rather, songs that are pushing us all forward, and giving us power. You can share your suggestions anywhere on the internet by tagging your pick(s) with the hashtag #VEResolution, or messaging us @variantedmonton on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

An important note: if you include a reason why your picks fit the theme, we’re more likely to add, and keep them on the list!

You can keep track of the list below, or find it here on Spotify!

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