(Re)Introducing: VariantEdmonton.com

(Re)Introducing: VariantEdmonton.com

(Re)Introducing: VariantEdmonton.com

Hey folks. Welcome to the new digs.

The last time we did a major update to the website was… (checks notes)… three years ago, and while we really liked the design, it had quite the complicated set up. Which is fine when you want things to look fancy, but it is a nightmare on the backend – especially when you’re not great at coding.

And so: a new site. And along with it, a new atmosphere for our online digs. Gone are all the bells and whistles, replaced with a touch of minimalism and functionality.

As a result of this change, you’re going to start seeing a lot more content on this site – right here on this blog, and over on the main page, where we’ll be re-building various sections of the site over time.

Keep a keen eye out for some big announcements in the coming days, along with the return of the Variant Edition Regularity newsletter, which you can sign up for over on the side bar. Probably. Hopefully.

Oh, and just you wait until you see what kinds of things we have planned for 2019. The past is prologue, my friends.

Here’s to the future.

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