(Re)Introducing: WTF+YEG Comic Book Club

(Re)Introducing: WTF+YEG Comic Book Club

(Re)Introducing: WTF+YEG Comic Book Club

As of today, Variant Edition Comics will be taking over WTF+YEG’s book club.

I’m honoured to have been involved with the group for almost 3 years. During that time, we developed a close relationship between not just myself, but the store. They held meetings at the shop and I gave them access to graphic novels, both in paper form and suggestions for future discussions.

I am so grateful for Amanda and Kelsey. They put in a lot of hard work and hours to create a comfortable space where women, femme, and non-binary folk could join and talk comics. Alas, life gets in the way, and they were going to have to call it quits. I offered up my shop both as venue and host, as I believe this club is needed for the community(and I have a lot of fun, so I suppose there’s a bit of selfish reasoning within).

My goal is not to change anything. The content will remain the same. We will seek out feminist and LGBTTQQ2S-friendly graphic novels and discuss them. Occasionally, we find the opposite of that and have fun deconstructing it. The monthly schedule will change to quarterly, because I want to be able to offer more of myself and my time, and I feel it will work better for the group.

As for Variant Edition taking over wholly, as`always, no one needs to purchase selections from the store directly. We will continue to offer a discount for group members on all books selected (and their follow-ups in the series, at our discretion). However, if you are more comfortable (whether the reasoning be format or budgetary) to get your book from the library, or purchase an e-book, that’s more than okay. This group will continue about getting people reading, getting them discussing, making new friends in a safe space – and not about “the store”.

The WTF+ social media @WTFYEGCC (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) will continue, and feature various feminist and LGBTTQQ2S-friendly graphic novels and news not covered by the group’s meetings.

If you have any further questions about my plans with the group, or if there is anything I have not answered, feel free to email wtfyegcc@gmail.com, or contact me through the WTF+ social media.

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