I can't make it to the store in person. Do you offer delivery?

We do! We deliver to many customers every Thursday evening. Our delivery costs are low due to the numbers of deliveries we make. People who are low-mobility, no-mobility, and/or pregnant/on maternity leave/on paternity leave are not charged for a monthly delivery - and receive a reduced fee for a weekly delivery.

My friends from Edmonton can't stop talking about how great you are, but I don't live there. Can I get comics mailed to me?

Thank you! And yes! We do mail order all across Canada, and have many former Edmontonians that still shop with us even though they've moved away.

Do you offer any savings for teachers?

Glad you asked! We have so many customers that teach, and wanted to give back. They give so much to our students. We offer a 10% discount with an ATA card or post-secondary equivalent.

Do you take in old comics and graphic novels?

We absolutely do, but we take them in differently than many stores. For comics, we purchase them at a $1 a pound in store credit. Our pricing for graphic novels vary in terms of condition and interest, though typically we offer 20% of the American price in store credit, and sell those items at 50% of the American price.

I'm new to comics and graphic novels. What would you recommend?

Well first, let's find out what you like - and we're not talking about what you like in comics, we're talking about what you like in general. Books, movies, tv shows, music... we want to know what you're into, that way, we can recommend something tailor made for your interests.

Do you hold events in your store?

Absolutely! In addition to our regular events, such as Introvert's Reading Night and our book club meetings, we hold a twice annual Community Clothing Swap and the occasional special event with local authors. We also proudly feature recurring panels that explore issues with the portrayal of gender, race, sexuality and more in comics and pop culture - the audio of which are made available for download shortly after the panel takes place. 

Do you provide a discount for those purchasing for schools and libraries?

Absolutely! We offer a remarkable deal for those who purchase through The Alberta Library Association's Consortial Comic Purchasing Program, as well as offer a standard 20% off for any and all graphic novel and comic purchases for schools and libraries.

Have any questions that we didn't answer above? Contact us at comics@variantedmonton.com or give us a call at 780-452-9886. We answer all inquiries during in store hours.