Subscriptions Info

To ensure the you never miss a single issue or collection of your favourite titles, Variant Edition provides a subscription service for in-store collection or delivery.

Tons of new comics and graphic novels hit the stands each and every week - and we don’t want you to miss out. Whether you’re collecting one title regularly or dozens - we have room in our files for you! Just let us know which books you’re interested in reading, and we’ll make sure you get a copy each time a new edition comes out.

Current Subscribers can sign in here to access their file online!

Subscriptions + Pre-Payment Program

  • Anyone can open a file! We start files for people who are only looking for one regular title, to those who want over a hundred.
  • File customers receive a copy of the monthly Previews order book for FREE!
  • Customers can adjust their orders online using the Manage Comics system, or contact us to make adjustments. Either works!
  • You can save up to 20% on your favourite book with our discount system!
    • 20% Discount: Offered on all items that are pre-paid by the final order cut off deadline.
    • 10% Discount: Offered on all items requested by the final order cut off deadline, with valid payment info or deposit on file.
    • 5% Discount: Offered on all items requested by the final order cut off deadline, without valid payment info or deposit on file.
    • No Discount: On all items requested after the final order cut off deadline or found on shelf.

Terms of Service for Subscriptions

  • Items pulled for file must be paid for at least once a month. Files who have not been in within the month may receive an e-mail or phone call regarding their file. If we do not hear from you within seven days, items on hold will be considered abandoned and placed back on shelf for sale.
  • Unpaid items on hold for more than eight weeks will be considered OVERDUE. When an OVERDUE notice is sent, we need to receive payment for the items within the week, or those items will be considered abandoned and placed back on shelf for sale.
  • We recommend having payment info on file to avoid any late notices.
  • Files with payment info on file can set up a regular payment schedule. This could be once a month, or once a week. We will use the payment information on file to pay for any items currently on hold, and keep them aside for you until you can arrange for pick up or delivery.
  • If you wish to drop a title, let us know as soon as possible. You will be responsible to pay for items cancelled past the final order cut off deadline.
  • If a situation is preventing you, or will prevent you from paying for items in your file, please communicate with us! We will work with you as long as it is not a recurring problem.
  • Please endeavour to keep your contact information with us up to date! If we attempt contact for any deadline issues and receive an "out of service" or "undeliverable mail" notification, items on hold at that time will be considered OVERDUE and will be placed on shelf for sale.
  • Moving? Can't get to us? Live outside of Edmonton? We deliver comics in city, and do mail order all across Canada.
  • Shipping is $10 for orders over $100 and shipping/delivery is free for orders over $200. We will hold items that have been paid for until $100 or $200 worth of product is ready to ship, if you so desire.