Black Bolt by Ahmed & Ward

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Writer: Saladin Ahmed - Artist: Christian Ward & Frazer Irving

A phenomenal character study and a complete, amazing story.

The king of the Inhumans has been imprisoned! But where? Why has he been jailed? And who could be powerful enough to hold Black Bolt? The answers will shock you - and Black Bolt as well! If he is to learn the truth, he must first win a fight to the death against a fellow inmate: the Absorbing Man! As a prison revolt begins, the bounty hunter Death's Head enters the fray - but is he there to help or to hunt? And who - or what - is the warden of this strange place? Black Bolt's jailer knows only penance and fear. And soon, so will the Silent King of the Inhumans! For if Black Bolt can somehow escape his hellish prison, the journey home will be even more deadly - and his welcome may not be a warm one!

Softcovers: 6.5 x 10 -- Complete Series Hardcover: 7.5 x 11

This item is part of the PanelxPanel collection, and the focus of PanelxPanel #6.