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Writer & Artist: Hannah Berry

Livestock is the natural collision between the The Thick of It's political bite and Doctor Who's culturally invested sci-fi - except clearly a Doctor working in an underfunded NHS. Perversely, the painfully lushly rendered figures underline its beguiling attraction. You want to eat this world up with a spoon.

When you realize what you’re swallowing, you want to then stick the spoon down your throat and vomit it all back up. Fake news, fake people, but a real and huge talent. — Kieron Gillen

Excitement is building for this year’s Twammies and Clementine Darling is hotly tipped to win Best Female Singer and Political Spokesperson!

The government is embarrassed about the leak of a confidential email exchange, but have you heard about Clementine’s new beau Devon Ayre? Yes, human cloning appears to have been legalised, but wasn’t Devon once together with Clementine’s arch rival Coral Jerome? And does it really matter what dubious corporate connections helped get this bill into place while Clementine and Coral are locking horns in a violent feud?

Livestock is a razor-sharp satire on our relationship with the media from critically acclaimed graphic novelist Hannah Berry. In the fight for the public’s attention, why let public interest get in the way?

8 x 10 - Softcover - 144 Pages - Full Colour

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